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  1. Hi SJ27, What actually happened was, we were married for about a month before the draw. I actually won in the year there was a redraw and my application was drawn on the redraw. Thanks MLEG
  2. Thanks for the heads up!! Looking forward to it when our day comes. [at]Malamute . Regarding your status change when applying for the lottery. What happened with me, in my second year of entry I did not state I was married and when I had won. I submitted the document with the intention to take up the green card, but notified them my status had changed and there was no issue around it. What amazed me about the process was when we went for our interview, both my wife and I stood in front of the window, but they only interviewed me. Have a great day
  3. SJ27 I don't feel bad!! let me get one thing straight. I am not advertising them! I know I never had better odds! I know now I could have done it for free! but they created a security for me which made me feel confident that my application was 100% correct. Let me elaborate on the Citizenship comment. We have received a green card for 10 years which allows us to take citizenship (naturalize) in 5. Therefore if we stay in the country for the correct amount of time, we will take up citizenship. Have a great day
  4. Hi SJ27, My wife I didn't know any better and when we spoke with them, they would obliviously not mention it to us. The way I see it, they made sure our application was 100% correct, they also called me when I had won and also, sort of guaranteed within the 10 years my name would most probably come up. We were uncertain about moving, but we had entered and said let fate decide. Considering we won in 2 years, the interview was easier than going through any visitors visa interview and then paid an additional $300.00 each to get citizenship. Is pretty cheap compared UK/Australia etc... So not sour about it! Also if you go the free option, would it never cross your mind that maybe If I paid I might of had a better chance I had to get that thought out of my head... hahaha We here and after 18 months we finally feel settled!!
  5. Hi everyone, My name was successfully drawn about 2 years ago and my wife and I entered via USAFIS. If you don't mind me asking, but what is so bad about them? We also paid the R10 000 all together, but once we heard we had won we decided to go through the actual application by ourselves. I am so happy we did, its really easy to do. [at]LOVECAMPSBAY : My wife & I pretty much did what you guys are planning to do and it was an amazing experience, so try and hold onto that plan. If you need any advice or tips regarding the actual drive and where to stop. Please feel free to ask. Regarding sales, I was a finance and Insurance manager for a BMW Dealership in JHB and when we came over it didn't take me long to find a position in New Jersey(We decided to settle down in NY). However, I wanted to shift my career out of sales and more into corporate finance and for me the job was just a way of making some money and looking for another position. I can only speak from the motor industry perspective, but if you want high volumes, California is the State to be in. Best of luck and fell free to reach out.
  6. Congrats Malamute, Let us know how the test goes and when you receive citizenship!! My wife and I cant wait.. Still 4 years, but if we have this year to go on its going to fly by!! Mat
  7. Hi Guys and Girls, I can officially say that after 7 months being in the USA my wife and I have both managed to secure jobs, travel the USA and make it out alive I just had to share, because my wife and I were really down and literally on the same day we had a phone call from two companies offering us positions. I start on the 3rd Sept and she started yesterday!! Advise to all which worked for us, NETWORK!!!! Thats what both her and I did and it worked!! Cheers!!
  8. [at]rubyshoes I had been in the states about 7 years ago and had a SSN already allocated to me, but my wife had to get a new one and it take about 1 week. Our green cards we received in under a month. I am looking for working in the financial field. I worked in credit with BMW in SA, but I want to break away from it and try and get into strategic analyzing, planning etc... If you have any advise I would really like to hear it... Thanks
  9. We moved over in February and have stationed ourselves in Connecticut. To give you an idea, we applied for our social security cards and it took about a week to receive. We also then wrote the DMV learners test and passed. They have just passed a state law that we have to take 8 hours of driving school and wait 90 days before we can apply for the actual driving test. Might not be your case, but states are getting funny about this ruling. Im hearing more of them going this route. Regarding a rental, my wife and I travelled the states for about 3 months and have found ALAMO to be the most affordable. You have to take the insurance to be covered. I tried arranging "non owners " insurance but none of the companies allowed me to do it. Regarding a proof of address. This was quick and easy... When you arrive, walk into T-mobile(we used them) then ask for the $50 prepaid package which will give you unlimited calls and data. not the best service, but it will get the job done and you can port the next month to a better provider. So when you purchase this prepaid package ask them to give you a print out of your details and it will show your physical address on it in the states. Then walk into a bank (we used CHASE) and open an account, they will ask for the VISA and proof of address then give them both and they will open the account. Then ask them to issue you a letter stating you opened the account and it will have a proof address. So in one day you can create to forms of proof of address and open a bank account. Let me know if you need any help, we busy finding jobs and not being successful... Regards Mat
  10. mleg

    Two Months On

    Thanks so much for the response I did mean 2013... So just jobs now....
  11. Hi there,

    My wife and I pretty much went through the same thing as you guys.

    Where did you end up settling?



  12. mleg

    Two Months On

    Hi malamute My wife and I landed in the USA on the 25 February 2012 and I just need to find out if we need to submit tax returns? We have not earned yet in the country and still traveling to figure out where we will end up? If we need to submit how do we go about it? Also do you have ideas on how to get credit? RegardsMathew
  13. Hi Guys So here is an update, My wife and I landed at JFK on the 25th February 2013 went through normal passport control. The officer took us to the side where another officer processed our documents stamped in our passport and wrote some number in it. He then subsequently told us we should receive it in two to 3 weeks. I can officially say that after two weeks on the dot our green cards have arrived!! We have SSN a phone line and bank accounts... Now we just need to sort out our drivers license... This is really exciting!!! So any advice on job hunting and drivers licence in Connecticut would be greatly appreciative... MLEG
  14. Good Morning, Thank you for the feedback... Really appreciate it... My wife and I have decided to do the following so advice would be greatlyappreciated. - We fly into NY and drive through to Connecticutand say hi to family and will most probably tour around the area. Maybe just pick up an odd job for a month. - My wife then flies back to SA for a weddingwhich she is a bridesmaid for and then will be back by the 1st April - The fun begins here, we have decided to roadtrip for 3 months and try and get a feel for where we want to live. We thinkingof hiring a RV, pick the cities we want to live in and go check them out, spendmaybe a week in each just to get a feel for them. - So if you have any cities we should try please recommend? - Has anyone used an RV, any tips would be hugelyhelpful Thanks
  15. Thank you so much for the reply, it does calm my nerves a little. We managed to sort out a lot of our stuff quickly and we want to start the naturalization process as quickly as possible. where do you guys plan to settle down in the USA?
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