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  1. Jelebi

    Age for DV

    Yes Adventurer, defn aware of the scenario. If either parent is drawn, hopefully it's a low enough number since the 20 yr old will be covered under the child protection act, number of days credited will be from the date the draw began until the results are drawn, around 200 days I believe.
  2. Jelebi

    Age for DV

    Thanks for the confirmation Malamute and yes they are aware no one else can be added to their petition.
  3. Jelebi

    Age for DV

    Hi all, asking a question on behalf of a family member. A family of 4, both parents are entering the lottery, the kids are 19 & 20 so according to DV rules they will be added on each of the parents application. Since the minimum requirement is a 12 yr high school, does that mean, each child is also eligible to enter on their own? My logic says yes but wanted to claify so no one application is disqualified. Many thanks.
  4. Jelebi

    Transit At Heathrow

    Thanks SJ, online forums tend to make you doubt what is logical and/or you already know. I have transited via Heathrow before on BA but had a a small window so never actually left the transit area but it was super busy so wil factor in 1.5 hrs to get through security again, will already have boarding pass. I wil also call Virgin and confirm the same.
  5. Jelebi

    Transit At Heathrow

    Hi All, a quick question for anyone who has travelled on Virgin Atlantic recently. I have a 5hr layover at Heathrow, bags checked all the way to final destination, just hand luggage with me. I wanted to meet my sister and her kids with my free time, will not be leaving the airport just at a restaurant at arrivals. Is this possible, will I have an issue? I know I will have to go through immigration at arrivals and go through security screening again when departing. Traveling with US passport. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jelebi

    N400 Questions

    Congrats Superkruz!!!
  7. Jpandmi, did some research on this topic and it looks like you may be correct with your initial understanding. Apparently nurses living outside the usa can do consular processing and obtain a gc, no need to get an H1B visa etc. This is great news, in some ways easier than winning the gc lottery!
  8. There are many legal ways to get out of such contracts but my concern is some employers exploit foreign workers with the promise of filing a gc petition for them but never actually do. This is why I mentioned to get it in writing with specific time frames cos they could potentially only file for them after the 3 yr commitment. I know people who were recruited with the promise of gc petition s and were just exploited and maxed out H1B renewals and had to return to their home countries.
  9. Assuming you have done your due diligence and are comfortable with utilizing this company, it does make good sense to take up the offer. I'm pretty certain your wife will arrive on H1B and you and children under 21 will be her dependents. Being labor certification exempt, the path to GC will be relatively fast, 6 months in sum cases. I guess you need to clarify with the company when they will actually sponsor the GC and make sure it is stipulated in the contract your wife is signing. I am wondering why they want a 3 yr commitment from your wife since technically they could sponsor the GC in the first year and once you get the GC there's really little holding you back from changing employers etc. this is why I thought from your earlier posts that they would sponsor her GC after the 3 yr commitment. it can get very technical but I would definitely get it in writing that they will sponsor the GC down the line, as you mentioned the timeline is not terribly important just the confirmation that it is a path to GC for sure. Good luck and keep us informed, I'm sure others could benefit from your process in the future.
  10. If you can actually get the gc before arrival that would be fantastic! I don't know anyone who has accomplished this but I know 3 sa nurses who have studied in usa on F1 then transitioned to an H1B then gc. My only question for you would be, once your wife gets the gc by way you describe, theres nothing stopping her from not following through with the agency and finding a job anywhere, contracts can be null n void at any time.
  11. Jpandmi...if your wife takes up employment with the company you mentioned she will enter on an H1B visa and the company will sponsor her green card. The only benefit nurses get is that they are exempt from labor certificate so the company will file straight I-140 & I-485 which means you will get the green card sooner. I would assume she will fall under EB3 so you can follow the visa bulletin once the company actually files the gc petition. Not sure I understood you correctly but seems the company is only willing to sponsor gc after 3 yrs, this means they are looking for a commitment from her for that period of time withholding gc application since exemption from labor certification, she could get gc within a 6 months. May be worth finding an employer on your own without stipulation. Just my 2cents.
  12. Jelebi

    N400 Questions

    Superkruz, I think you will be fine. Hubby and I went through this 9months ago, process was very pedestrian, anticlimactic actually. They may ask about those 2 stays outside US but im sure you have a legitimate reason especially if you are a DV winner, its quite common. Unless you have committed some serious fraud/crime theres no reason they would decline your application. We did the F1 to H1B to GC route which can break you down so much that the interview and ceremony itself was more of a relief than anything else. My advice, no need to worry unnecessarily, just enjoy the process and take it all in. Best of luck.
  13. AitnerP, the social security card you received should have a restriction printed on it, something to the effect of "valid for work with INS authorization only". This means that if you ever enter the usa again either on a gc or work visa, you will only need to go to your local ss office and get this condition updated or removed whichever applies. The number will not change. All the best.
  14. Based on the information you have provided you are in a better position that most foreign medical graduates who come to the USA. Most enter on student visas paying for degrees they will never use simply to be in the country to complete the necessary steps in usmle, interviews etc often racking up thousands of dollars in loans and if they don't match they are in a panic as to how to remain in status and even if they do match the stress of finding employers wanting to sponsor H1Bs or J1s and amount of money in costs to renew visas makes it a difficult road. Since you will be arriving on a GC you don't face any of those stresses, you will be able to work and earn money from day 1 even though it will not immediately be in medicine, you have a spouse that has a secure job and no restrictions on what specialization to choose once you complete usmle and most importantly if you don't match, you don't have to stress about being in status and can peruse any other career. As I see it the vast majority of people who go into medicine or related fields like dentistry tend to stick to those fields when they move to USA cos unlike any other occupations it takes many years to achieve in the first place and it's all they know, very difficult to change fields. You have nothing to lose to take usmle and try to match into a residency program, it's more work upfront but if you get into residency you will be earning a salary, it may not be a lot, around $40k in the first year and increasing through subsequent years. But once you complete residency, even if in the least lucrative family practice you can expect a salary of $150-$250k in an employed position depending on where you are based, which again is not a lot for the years of commitment, medicolegal stresses and frustrating insurance practices in this country but certainly more than you would make in a research/academic position. Good luck.
  15. Lelanie, becoming a licensed, practicing medical doctor in this country is a long a painful road so be sure you you have the patience. Firstly you say that you will be based in San Diego, are you arriving here with a secured GC or planning on H-1B route, this will be very important in determining your path. If you have a GC then maintaining status is not going to be an issue and you can pretty much chose any field of specialization from family practice to surgery etc. However if you are planning on securing an H-1B visa specialties can be restricted since H-1B visa can only be renewed twice. Unfortunately even if you are a specialist in another country, when you come to USA you have to start from scratch which means you will have to complete a residency program after USMLE in order to practice, the least number of years is family practice 3 yrs. Taking USMLE in itself is a process with 3 steps, step 1, step 2CK, step 2CS and step 3 which can take you 1 to 2 years to complete and bear in mind step 2CS you have to be physically present in USA to take so again your status becomes important here. Finally even if you managed to clear USMLE its no guarantee you will be accepted into any residency program in the USA, its extremely competitive and there is a process of matching so while you may pass usmle u may not match with any program so make sure you score very high. Again interviews you will have to be physically in the USA. Its not an easy path and that's why most south African grads opt to go to Canada or UK or AUS since limited exams and u can work from day 1. This post is not meant to dissuade you but be prepared for a long, expensive and painful road and with the changing climate of healthcare in USA, you may be disappointed down the line.
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