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  1. LeeJ - we lived in Austin texas. We had to pay a deposit of $500 for our two bedroom apartment. 5 mins from city centre.. Large and beautiful. Our water and rent was together but electricity and gas were separate. Elec was about $100 give or take and the gas was about $20 I think! Might be wrong as can't remember. Rent was pricey. Depends where you thinking to go. Gave you decided yet?
  2. whiteloren


    Hi guys so great to hear from you all. Without this group I don't think I would have gotten through the stress of the interview etc! It's funny how life changes. I can't believe we have been in the USA a year already. I think we are in for a wet winter biiut overall we are all really happy. What more can one want for your family? it's been a hectic year for me so haven't been on here much. hoping I can get more time on the forum. Love staying in touch! Regarding Texas... To answer the question... It was extremely hot when we arrived last year September. Then winter was freezing cold. Then it was rain and flooding. Then cold then hot ... It was actually crazy and we just were missing the beach so much. everyone said Austin is wonderful and it's got it's charm but we are more beach folk and so we didn't get excited about much there.... Some folks love it though. My husband was extremely unhappy there and I think it makes it hard when your partner is so unhappy. Now in California we spend every day outside and just see a huge change in the little ones too. They were sick constantly in Austin ... And not sick here yet. I think happiness and sunshine helped. I also know a few folks here and that has also been really nice too. It just feels like Durban to me. So a much easier transition. There is so much to explore in the USA and it is super hard to decide where to go. We just had the thought process that we try a place and if we hate it we move. Lucky hubby was offered a job so it came at the right time as couldn't take more flooding! Keep well all X
  3. Hey guys, we were in Austin Texas. My husband and I didn't like it to be honest. We relocated to Orange County California and have enjoyed every day. It's more expensive here but my hubby a salary is four times more here theb Austin. We regret not coming here from the beginning but you live and learn. Lived in Florida years ago and found it humid and the Hurricanes were hectic. It's a tough choice!!
  4. whiteloren


    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't accessed the platform for a long time. I wanted to say hi and good luck to all the folks on their applications for the new year and also to the people going for their interviews. A little update- we went to Texas Austin when we first came and were there for about 8 months I think.. We hated every minute every minute of it! Work was great hubby offered five jobs at once and all was ok... Nice apartment and new cars etc... But just didn't like Texas at all. Hubby got a job offer in California Orange County and we moved in five days! So we are now in Orange County and loving every minute of it. Home and work is amazing and just generally super happy. I think it is important to stress that choosing a location that will make you happy is not overlooked. In the end we thought Texas would be better for money and costs. But my husband earns 4 times more here than in Texas and we have a better lifestyle that makes us happy. There are so many folks who live in Texas and would not live elsewhere but for us as we have lived all over the world and want to be by the beach this was there right choice. Just think positive and follow your heart. It's tough but in the end you will succeed ... We are still working on it but i can say my kids are well and happy and we are too!! Keep well and chat soon X
  5. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi. I know it's been a long time but happy Easter.
  6. Hi all, we got selected on our first attempt!!
  7. Hi, we were grilled really hard on that and my conclusion is that it's really case by case... They don't want you to become a burden on the state. Try save as much money S possible is what I say and make sure you have photos of property or other stuff to sell like assets.... We really had to convince!!! Quite stressful but if you prepare you will be ok. Good luck
  8. Hi everyone! I am sorry for not getting in touch earlier.... it's been a bit hectic with the kids being sick non stop etc but wanted to pop in and say hi and happy new year to you all! Hope everyone is great and chat soon
  9. Hi all We arrived and are wondering about the social security. As you know we were going to LA but then changed minds and moved to Texas Now the address is my friend in la and so do I tell them to change it and can we check this in Texas?
  10. I have a will in SA, do I have tondo a new one in USA? Or take a copy of the as one with me?
  11. Well done and let the exciting times come! Trust me the feeling doesn't even begin to set in til later. It's a strange feeling to realize you have green cards.
  12. Hi are there any specific car companies in Texas you recommend we buy our car from? I know there are so many out there. Any really great ones you gave had experience with? I was looking at International auto source Expatride Carmax Thanks!
  13. Thanks so much! We leave in less than a week!
  14. Definitely only give what they ask for. You could open a can of worms without realising We were asked and even though I work for a HUGE USA corporate company they still wanted financial proof. We also had proof of property my husband inherited and an offer to purchase on a property I have and it was hectic but we had a hectic person who was rather stern. Good luck
  15. Hi everyone I wanted to pop in and I've a quick update. Husband is finalizing his work in Durban. Funny thing is the jobs keeps coming and he just wants to wrap up now. My sister in the uk and he husband and kids surprised us by telling us they are flying to SA to see us and the kids especially the new baby girl. So we are waiting now and really excited! Our shipping has gone... We weren't going to send but in the endy husband wanted his hand tools, I wanted my sons cot , expensive toys and clothes. So we will actually fly quite light although I say his now but trust me I sure I will use every bag allocation!! plush sister said she is bringing gifts galore so I can just imagine. Then we leave in Septemver!! Super excited. We have decided to go joburg direct to New York. My husband wasn't interested in going any other way. The quickest is all he wanted! Anyways so we take a chance and will fly then. Super excited. We actually have been so lucky I can't tell you. We have got accommodation sorted for the first two weeks and then we need to find an apartment. So wish us luck! I have to say that for me ... A person who likes to be in control of things and plan what is going to happen.... This has been an education. It has taught me that you have to go with the flow. Yes read through this site... Heck I have read every single post on this entire site!! Although I am up most of the night with baby and really don't sleep anymore. So we for each other I met in real life some amazing folks through this site and will also meet up in USA with some. My dad said to me the other night.. Enjoy this process as you really are extremely fortunate and in the rush of things we tend to forget to stop and appreciate just how amazing it is that we have greencards for us and our children. I don't think we could have given the kids a greater gift. Anyways just enjoy the ride!!! Read up on this site it really helps! And use the connections on here. I have asked millions of questions and have always received some straight forward answers:) Thank you again to all. See you in USA!!! X
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