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  1. I sent a document on 06 December 2017 and paid for a five day delivery with a tracking number. Guess what? It has not arrived in Cape Town yet. In SA, it arrived on 21 December 2017, it kept on being processed from one Facility to Another in Johannesburg. Very stranmge that it takes more than 38 days to reach Cape Town.
  2. Any information about the downtime for the DV Lottery website. It has been down since Saturday and today its Thursday. Any take?

  3. The best and only way is to call the USCIS, but you MUST have your Receipt Number. In that way, its easy for them to help you.
  4. shatale


    AitnerP; agree with SJ27 and Vinny; they accept PF Statements, property valuation, and bank investments if you have. Good luck!!
  5. shatale

    N400 Questions

    If I may ask a question; If you submit your N400 before your five years (or so), will it be accepted? Let us say, you came in December and you are suppose to do it in five years, which ends in December and you do it in October; is this acceptable? I am asking this because the bureaucratic process normally takes longer; thus you will be compensating for that. What do you think?
  6. In 2016, in one piece with snow. I pray that this should be a better year for all of us who immigrated to the US. May 2016 be a great year. With regard to travelling; what are the bargain airlines to CA, Santa cruz, San Jose, actually north of LA? I am on the east coast.
  7. Reichette; Thanx for sharing with us your thoughts, and I personally appreciate them. When I was in SA, like some on this forum, I was on Discovery's LA Health. Looking at it from all angles, I discovered that the health care system in the US need a serious revamp and health costs are sky high if you juxtapose them with other countries including SA with its own dynamics. You may move from one State to another with better health coverage, but tomorrow that State may decide to review its health options. Health in the US is still a fluid space. That as it may, I don't want you to loose hope based on one aspect of the American society. There are a lot of good things about this country, not the American dream, which is anything to any person.But, different lifestyles, weather, security, etc. This a country where you can be financially struggling today, but tomorrow, you may wake up succeeding in your life, you can sleep a tenant and wake up a landlord. But, it is also a country where you can sleep a landlord and wake up a homeless man. This means, the decisions you take are always important. I pray that you make decisions that will not be detrimental to living a happy and better life with your family. I wish you and your family a happy new year.
  8. Pickles, the advice of SJ sounds good. I have never been to MN, but I love the place, just from reading about it. Good luck with your LSD trip. Its snowing down here and I guess Rochester should a bitter heavier. To Pickles, SJ, Adventure, Janneman, Bev, Malamute, and all forum members; I wish you a beautiful and happy new year. May 2016 be a year of blessings for you and your families. Stay bless. Signing out for 2015 and will chat in 2016.
  9. .....Happy Christmas to Forum contributors. Good luck to you in the coming new year; 2016.
  10. Congratulations......Tinjana..
  11. Hi Janneman, I missed your post there. I am not Afrikaans speaking and the little I know is below 1%. Your posts are normally helpful.Would you kindly summarize in two sentences.
  12. shatale

    6 Months On.

    Hi SJ27; Thanks for the post and advise. I am persuaded by your post to reconsider the State I reside in and WES to evaluate my qualifications. I will implement your suggestions and take your views with the seriousness they deserve. I will act on them and updater you and the members of this forum. ONCE again thanks SJ27.
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