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University And Residency - In State / Out Of State

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Can anyone who has EXPERIENCE in this matter comment


We plan a L-S-D Trip to usa in Oct. We will visit 3 different states with work options.


We then plan to relocate to USA first quarter 2015.


The plan is for our 20year old daughter to start university (again) fall 2015.

To qualify for in state / resident fees in most states, you have had to reside in the state the past 12 months(some are 6).


I know New York state make separate provision for new immigrants were the 12mnts prior to registration is waived when you first move from abroad.


My question: I can't get any clarity on NJ, CT, MA and TX on the same matter- immigrant status fee waiver program


Will the LSD trip influence your immigrant status?- what I mean by this, we will return to SA before receiving our physical green cards. It will be sent to a friend in TX. When we enter USA as first time LPR we will enter in NJ, but visit NY, and TX too.

If we decide to reside in NY, will the fact that we got our GC sent to a TX domicile influence our state residency in NY or any other state for that matter? Or is it only when you actually can proof your domicile (water and gas account etc etc)?


Hope what I'm asking is clear



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In most states green card holders are held to the same standards as US citizens in terms of establishing residency requirements for in state tuition, but after your daughters has completed her first term at the university, a request for reclassification or change of your residency status, known as a residency reclassification, can be made though the Office of the University Registrar. Residency status cannot be evaluated retroactively. This was a easy process in Ohio and it took about 10 minutes to complete at the university


The following link gives you the requirements for all the states



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Tnx Durban2010

I will look into the link

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